Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet Technology: Advances in Protection

Recent years have seen a major expansion in demand for clean-air technology, partly due to the huge advances in the field of micro-electronics. The many products being manufactured in this field require clean production conditions, which can be achieved by installing a horizontal or vertical laminar flow cabinet. At the same time, there has also been a growth in pharmaceutical and scientific applications needing a clean-air environment.

Technology in this field has made rapid advances to meet user needs and to cater for the increasing range of applications where a VLAF or HLAF cabinet may be used. Tecomak Environmental Services supplies products from EuroClone, which is at the forefront of designing more advanced cabinets. All the clean benches they produce not only meet all relevant guidelines and standards to ensure compliance, but also have additional features to provide users with the highest quality equipment.

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High Performance: Consistent and guaranteed quality is essential in all the types of application where clean production is needed. For instance, in the case of micro-electronics and components for precision machinery, even a low level of contamination from dust or particles in the atmosphere can affect the production and mean the equipment being manufactured will not be fit for purpose.  A flow of particle-free air is equally essential for production of medicines and drugs in pharmaceutical labs.

Any companies or institutions choosing a EuroClone laminar flow bench can be sure that the equipment will give high performance together with reliability.  The Aura Vertical SD4 vertical laminar flow cabinet and the Aura HZ horizontal laminar flow cabinet both meet the BS EN ISO 14644 standard, meaning they provide Class 5 air quality to meet the GMP Grade A requirements.
Both types of cabinet contain H14 HEPA filters giving full compliance with the EN 1822 standard, while for the Aura HZ there is the option of the U15 ULPA grade.

Enhanced Protection: Anyone looking not only for product protection, but also for advanced operator protection, will find that the Aura Vertical SD4 VLAF cabinet offers this, since its design is almost the same as that of a microbiological safety cabinet.  This means it is suitable for workplaces where a biologically clean atmosphere is needed.

Monitoring Performance: It is essential to be sure that laminar flow benches perform consistently, and this means there is a need for in-built alarms and monitoring equipment to ensure the airflow is constant. Both the Aura HZ and the Aura Vertical SD4 have a control and alarm system including an easy-to-read display of air speed value. This is equipped with a control panel and includes both visual and sound alarms, which raise an alert in the event of any problem with either the air speed or the condition of the filters.

Helping Productivity: Ergonomic design can help to create better working conditions and so encourages greater productivity, as well as being an element in operator protection. The Aura SD4 and Aura Mini both feature a sloped front which has been ergonomically designed to ensure greater comfort. Also, both the horizontal and vertical flow cabinets in the range come with a support stand which is fully height-adjustable and includes a foot rest. All the Aura cabinets also contain the latest fans, keeping both noise and vibration to a minimum, which is another help to workplace comfort and productivity.

Making Maximum Use of Space: Some facilities have limited space, but still need quality clean air systems and high performance. The Aura Mini's space-saving design achieves this, and it is available in different configurations as required, with inward and outward air barriers to provide operator and product protection. Like the larger models, it also has an integrated alarm and control system.

When you are looking for a horizontal or vertical laminar flow cabinet, you will want to find a manufacturer and supplier who are reliable and who use the latest technology.   Tecomak is an installer and supplier which has been operating in this field for many years and has a proud reputation. We are the chosen supplier for EuroClone, a well known and highly regarded manufacturer whose reputation for quality is known across Europe. Tecomak provides a comprehensive maintenance service and will advise you on any changes and upgrades you may need in the future.

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Which Laminar Flow Cabinet is the Right Choice for Your Workplace?

A laminar flow cabinet provides “clean air” for a sterile production area in a workplace, ensuring an airflow in one direction and at a consistent speed. There are two different types of cabinet, or “clean bench” available, providing horizontal and vertical flow. Both protect processes, while vertical laminar flow cabinets can in addition be used to provide operator protection.

Whether you require an HLAF or VLAF cabinet, Tecomak are expert suppliers and installers of this equipment, providing products manufactured by leading European company EuroClone. Before deciding which cabinet is right for your facility, you need to look at various key factors, including the type of application and layout of your production area or laboratory.

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Type of Application: There are various different types of application and facility where clean production is needed. In these areas, a horizontal laminar flow cabinet, such as EuroClone's class-leading Aura HZ, could be suitable. This type of cabinet is used in sectors including electronic and micro-electronic manufacture, pharmaceutical and medical production, and many other areas of industry and scientific research.

There are also other types of application within these sectors where more operator protection is needed, for instance because of the types of materials concerned, and in these cases a vertical or downflow cabinet is likely to be preferable. The Aura Vertical SD4 closely resembles a microbiological safety cabinet in its design, and so provides a very high degree of protection for operators as well as for production and the environment. Both the Aura HZ and the Vertical SD4 meet requirements for use in a GMP Grade A environment.

In addition, specialist cabinets are available for some applications, such as the EmbryoS@fe 100 IVF VLAF cabinet. This is specifically designed for working areas where IVF processes are being carried out, and provides an ISO5 working environment, with features including built-in microscopes and microprocessor control.

Laboratory Layout and Available Space: It may be easier to use a vertical cabinet if space is limited, because an HLAF cabinet will require more clearance and floor space than a VLAF. Other considerations in choosing a direction of flow include how the work surface has been designed and where the process is located within the facility.

The EuroClone range includes the Aura Mini, a VLAF which is especially suited for facilities where space is limited. This model is a partially recirculating downflow cabinet designed to give both product and operator protection. It has many of the same features as the larger models in the Aura range.

Reliability: Whether you choose horizontal or vertical laminar flow benches, you will want to be sure that you are getting the highest level of protection and meeting all official standards. This is essential not only to ensure regulatory compliance, but also to be sure that your products are of the highest quality in order to satisfy clients or customers.

It is therefore important to choose equipment made by a leading manufacturer and certified to meet the highest standards. EuroClone has more than four decades of experience in manufacturing this type of specialist product. Its laminar flow benches all have high technical specifications and conform to the relevant regulations and guidelines.

As well as choosing a reliable manufacturer, it is equally vital to find a company with a good reputation and wide-ranging experience of contamination control to install your clean benches.  Tecomak is highly experienced in this field, with all the expertise you need, and can advise you on which type of cabinet is suitable for your particular requirements.

Advanced Features: When deciding on a laminar flow cabinet , it is likely you will be looking for a number of desirable features. These include high-quality components, including filters and fans, and a design which minimises noise and vibration. In-built monitoring systems, alarms and failsafes to ensure consistent performance are also important. You may also want to check whether accessories are available, such as support stands and UV lights. EuroClone's cabinets fulfil all these requirements, using the latest technology to give the highest quality and reliability.

As an expert provider of specialist ventilation services, Tecomak not only installs VLAF and HLAF cabinets, but also provides maintenance,  servicing and compliance testing.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Advances in Microbiological Safety Cabinet Technology

Over recent years there have been rapid advances in microbiological safety cabinet design. As well as seeking equipment which is compliant with all relevant safety standards, users are increasingly requiring a number of advanced features, better to meet the demands of their labs and facilities.

Tecomak supplies and installs products from EuroClone, one of the leading European companies in this field. Its cabinets use the latest design developments to give a high level of protection and performance. Here is a look at some of the advances in technology which are benefiting users of the latest models.

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State-of-the-Art Protection: This is the most important consideration for any user of a microbiological safety cabinet, since you want to be sure you are getting the highest levels of safety. EuroClone's MSC models have a whole list of advanced design features to give operator, product and environmental protection.

For instance, the S@feMate ECO Class II Safety Cabinet has an electrical sliding sash which is both air and aerosol-tight. The S@feFlow Class II MSC also features this type of sash, as well as a dual skin configuration to provide optimum containment efficiency. Both models offer highly stable airflow and have numerous inbuilt safety features. For full details, look at the product specifications on the main Tecomak site.  All EuroClone cabinets supplied by Tecomak are certified? as fully compliant with various official safety standards, underlining their quality and reliability.

In-Built Monitoring: When choosing a safety cabinet, one factor to consider is the level of integral monitoring, ensuring consistent performance and giving early warning if anything goes wrong. A user-friendly system for monitoring performance is built into the S@feFlow from EuroClone. This model features a control panel with a 15cm screen, which constantly monitors various aspects of performance, including filters and UV lamps, as well as logging data. This cabinet range also has multi-level alarms and an emergency power supply.  

Energy-Saving Features: Demand for eco-friendly design in laboratory equipment, including safety cabinets, is growing. This is partly because of the increased awareness that all companies and institutions need to build environmental responsibility into every aspect of their operation. Energy-saving equipment is also in demand because it helps to cut running costs.

The S@feMate ECO is built for low energy and heat output, with the latest power-saving motor blowers.  Another aspect of these cabinets' design is the fact that they are built to ensure easy cleaning, with smooth internal surfaces and an easily removed stainless steel work surface. As well as being important in its own right, cleanability saves time and is a part of energy efficiency.

Ergonomic Design: There is now increasing recognition of the benefits for staff safety and productivity if people are able to work comfortably. This means that ergonomic design is seen as a priority for many types of equipment, including safety cabinets. The S@feMate ECO's ergonomic features include a sloped front to ensure comfortable access, in addition to good lighting of the working area via side windows. The S@feFlow can be used with an advanced electronically-controlled lift support stand, making it possible to adjust the work surface to the correct height for any user.

Lower Sound Levels: As with ergonomics, reduced noise in the laboratory helps to create better working conditions and so boosts both safety and productivity. Both the S@feFlow and the S@femate ECO have inbuilt “Silence Within” technology to keep noise to a minimum. The S@feFlow is tested and certified as having a noise level of below 53 dB (A), while for the S@femate ECO the level is less than or equal to 55 dB (A) with the aperture fully open.

Meeting Specialist Requirements: Specific applications may require specialist safety cabinets with a range of additional advanced features. Tecomak supplies the Embryos@fe i-REF  Series microbiological safety cabinet for IVF facilities. Its many high-tech features include built-in microscopes, an integral LCD monitor, heated built-in work surface and sample glass stage.

Another specialist product is the S@feMate Cyto Class II Safety Cabinet, offering specific protection for work with cytotoxic drugs, with its design including three HEPA H14 ?lters and a bag-in/bag-out system of replacing filters. This avoids the risk of either the engineer or the environment being exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Tecomak engineers constantly undergo training and keep up with any changes in the industry and the regulatory framework, as well as the latest advances in microbiological safety cabinet technology. This means you can be sure of compliance with all the regulations relevant to your sector. As well as installing cabinets configured to your specific needs and requirements, we provide an expert maintenance service.

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Choosing the Right Microbiological Safety Cabinets for Your Facility

Today's ever-expanding range of laboratory and industrial applications has seen a rise in demand for microbiological safety cabinets. They are used in sectors including clinical and pharmaceutical research, as well as commercial companies and healthcare. As more processes are developed involving use of cells or biological materials, the need for protection is growing.

If you are considering installing a biological safety cabinet, there are various key factors to consider before deciding which class and model is right for your lab. This will partly depend on the type of application, whether this involves developing a new drug, working with human fluids or tissues or IVF technology.

Tecomak is a supplier for EuroClone, a leading microbiological safety cabinets manufacturer, and can install quality equipment from its range within your facility, as well as providing expert maintenance and testing.

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Type of Protection: There are various different types of protection you might need, depending on whether you just need to protect operators and safeguard the working environment, or also to give product protection. A Class 1 safety cabinet provides operator protection by a system of air filtration, while Class 2 also protects the working area. If a process needs to be completely enclosed because of highly biohazardous materials, in hazard group 4, a Class 3 safety cabinet can be used.

The 4 hazard groups, defined by the Health and Safety Executive, pose different levels of risk, with level 4 being the most hazardous. While both Class 1 MSC and Class 2 MSC are considered suitable for working with biological agents from hazard groups 1 to 3, in practice a Class 2 cafety cabinet is the most popular option for high-tech modern facilities, because of the advantage of the product protection it provides.

Tecomak supplies and installs high-quality Class 2 MSC including the S@feMate ECO and S@feFlow cabinets from leading manufacturer EuroClone, which both provide state-of-the-art protection with a whole range of class-leading features.

You may also need specialist types of cabinet for particular processes, such as working with cytotoxic drugs. Tecomak can install EuroClone's S@feMate Cyto Class II Safety Cabinet to give optimum protection in areas where these products, also known as antineoplastics, are used.  Meanwhile, IVF labs and clinics can benefit from installation of specialist cabinets from the innovative Embryos@fe i-REF Series, specifically designed for areas where assisted human reproduction technology is in use.

Safety and Reliability: As well as deciding which class of MSC you require, it is important to choose a manufacturer and an installer with a good track record. You need to be certain that products providing this type of protection are of top quality and comply with all relevant standards and regulations.

Tecomak's long track record shows that we are a firm which can be relied on for specialist laboratory services. The company has ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation, and has been in business for decades, with many testimonials from satisfied customers. All Tecomak engineers undergo constant training to ensure their knowledge is always up to date.

EuroClone also has a high reputation as a top manufacturer, having achieved ISO 13485 registration and including a whole range of safety features in their products. Five-year warranties when you buy the the S@feMate ECO and S@feFlow from Tecomak give additional peace of mind.

Environmental Friendliness: Green credentials are another key consideration when choosing biological safety cabinets. There is an increasing awareness that we all have a responsibility to the planet and need to minimise the carbon footprint of any processes, including those in labs. Cost considerations are a further reason for eco-awareness, since the operating costs of an inefficient cabinet are much higher than those of an energy-efficient model.

The environment is always a priority for EuroClone, with the S@feMate ECO incorporating the latest low energy fan units. This means a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions as well as reducing output of heat and so saving energy, in keeping with Tecomak's focus on environmental responsibility.

There are also many other key points to consider in choosing microbiological safety cabinets, such as ergonomics, productivity and how much space a cabinet will take within your facility. As experts in this field, Tecomak bears all these considerations in mind, and can give you advice on which model of cabinet will suit your requirements and how to configure it to your particular lab.

You can be sure that all the models we supply feature the latest technology and meet the most rigorous standards, ensuring full regulatory compliance for your sector. We can also provide expert maintenance and testing of equipment following installation.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Choosing Contractors for Your Cleanroom or Cell Processing Workstation

Cleanrooms are needed in many types of environment, including research labs, areas where pharmaceutical and medical devices are manufactured, and microelectronics plants requiring clean production. Whatever the type of facility, a contractor will be needed to provide quality cleanroom services, including monitoring and testing.

A modern alternative to cleanrooms which is proving increasingly popular is installation of a cell processing workstation. The number of applications for which this type of equipment can be used is fast expanding with scientific advances, as there is an ever-greater need for researchers to carry out tests using human cells. Growth of tissue cultures, stem cell research and developments of a whole range of new drugs and treatments are just some of the areas using this technology.

Tecomak has many years of expertise in offering a full range of cleanroom services and now also leads the way in installing and servicing the latest cell processing workstations. We supply the IsoCell Pro, a fully GMP compliant regenerative medicine isolator which includes an integral CO2 incubator.

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Experience and Reliability
Whether a traditional cleanroom or a workstation is the best solution for your workplace, you will need a contractor with the right expertise and high reliability. It's helpful if your chosen company has experience of working with institutions similar to yours and can advise you about which equipment is appropriate to your particular facility.

Tecomak is a specialist provider of cleanroom services, with a detailed knowledge of the sector built up over decades. We work with many different institutions which have cleanroom environments, covering everything from installation of equipment and critical ventilation systems to maintenance, inspection and testing. Advising over your choice of equipment and advising on when upgrades are needed is all part of the service.

Installation Expertise
With the growing popularity of regenerative medicine isolators, many organisations are likely to consider installing these as an alternative to a larger cleanroom. A cell processing workstation has a number of advantages, including the fact that it takes up a smaller footprint and can therefore be installed within an existing facility. Also, more of the monitoring is automated, and the bio decontamination process can be carried out faster than with a cleanroom.

However, if you are thinking of installing a cell processing unit of this type, you need to be sure that it is right for your facility and the process you are carrying out. It is therefore important to have expert advice before making a decision. As suppliers and installers of the IsoCell Pro, Tecomak can help you to decide whether it is the right choice for you and also give you full information about how its various systems work.

Both institutions which choose new high-tech workstations and those opting for a more traditional cleanroom solution can rely on Tecomak to install all equipment, fittings and systems. We discuss your needs with you and offer bespoke solutions to meet your priorities.

Ensuring Compliance
Organisations operating a pharmaceutical or biotech cleanroom, as well as those choosing a cell processing workstation, all need to ensure regulatory compliance. Tecomak has a detailed knowledge of the laws and regulations governing cleanroom environments, including MHRA validation. If we are installing equipment in a cleanroom or carrying out a refurbishment, we will ensure all materials meet hygiene requirements, for instance by using high-grade stainless steel. Our engineers offer full project management including everything from door interlock systems to monitoring systems and alarms.

The range of services needed to keep a cleanroom in operation include ventilation testing and maintenance as well as biological decontamination. Tecomak combines servicing with inspection and validation to keep downtime to a minimum and ensure the cleanroom is back up and running without any unnecessary delay. If necessary, our cleanroom engineers are able to work in shifts overnight so that you do not have to take your facility out of commission during the day.

In the case of the IsoCell Pro, it is fully GMP compliant, with a GMP Grade A inner airlock chamber and validation and environmental monitoring are also integrated, constantly recording a number of key indicators. Tecomak can advise you on the unit's safe operation and provide maintenance and testing as needed.

Tecomak has constantly been at the forefront of cleanroom technology and continues to offer a full service package using state-of-the-art methods, including cleanroom validation, inspection and maintenance.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

How Should Research and Technology Sites Choose a Fume Cupboard Maintenance Contractor?

Many types of research site, including industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories as well as university departments, need to install fume cupboards and LEVs. These systems are required to protect staff from dangerous fumes, chemical vapours and other hazardous substances. However, problems can often arise if regular fume cupboard maintenance is not arranged following installation.

If a fume cupboard isn't maintained properly, it won't give the intended protection and the company or institution concerned could therefore fail to comply with official standards. It's therefore essential to choose a contractor who can advise you on how often your local exhaust ventilation system needs maintenance to ensure full regulatory compliance.

The regulations over LEV COSHH testing require all fume cupboards to be inspected at least once in every 14 month period, while there are also various other standards that must be complied with. Tecomak has a full knowledge of all legislation and regulations covering fume cupboard testing and inspection, with its engineers undergoing regular training to keep abreast of any changes in the rules.

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Choosing a Fume Cupboard and Installation
The ideal is to pick a contractor who can supply and install your fume cupboards and LEVs as well as going on to maintain and test them. Tecomak offers a full range of LEV services, and can advise you on which system or systems are best suited to your facility. We can also make sure that if you have different LEV systems installed they work together well.

We supply a wide range of fume cupboards, including the Safehood recirculatory fume cupboard and Typhoon Twin ducted fume cupboards from EuroClone, which are suitable for a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications. We also install many other types of LEV systems and horizontal and vertical laminar flow cabinets, including the Aura HZ, Aura vertical SD4 and Aura Mini.

Tecomak can help you decide which fume extraction system is best for your needs, depending on factors such as the type of materials or chemicals being worked with, the layout of your laboratory and the type of protection required. We are able to design bespoke systems to provide you with optimum performance, and advise on when upgrades are needed.

If you choose a fume cupboard maintenance company which has worked with other firms within the research sector, this will give confidence that the contractor will be able to take your priorities on board. A company with experience of providing services to labs and research facilities will know how to work around you, scheduling maintenance and testing for times when your lab is closed whenever possible and keeping any downtime to a minimum.

While you obviously need someone who can respond quickly if there is an emergency, it is equally important to find a contractor who will work with you to prevent this situation occurring in the first place. This means putting a focus on preventative maintenance, and holding parts in stock so that any repairs or replacements can be carried out swiftly.

Tecomak has decades of experience in working with research institutions, and services fume cupboards at many leading laboratories across the UK. Our LEV services are designed to prevent problems arising, carrying out detailed checks to see if any part is likely to fail and carry out necessary work before there is a breakdown. All our engineers are multi-skilled, so they can service and repair or replace all parts of an installation, ranging from fans to ductwork, alarms and sensors, without the need to call on other trades.

If the same company carries out both fume cupboard maintenance and testing, this can save your research installation time and money. It means that the number of visits can be reduced, and therefore minimises the amount of time that essential laboratory equipment has to be out of commission.

Tecomak's engineers carry out combined visits and provide a full testing and certification service, ensuring LEV COSHH compliance. The range of tests which we carry out includes face velocity testing and containment testing, carried out to meet all relevant British standards. We issue all required certification and archive records of the tests and results on your behalf. We also remind you in good time when it is necessary to carry out routine testing.

As well as fume cupboard maintenance and testing, Tecomak offers a wide range of services to research labs. We service microbiological safety cabinets, including HEPA filter testing, with replacement of filters only where necessary, and carry out full testing and maintenance of containment laboratories and cleanrooms.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hospital Decontamination – How Can It Be Carried Out Both Safely and Quickly?

High standards of hygiene are vital in a hospital setting because of the risk of infection. Constant vigilance is needed to maintain standards in intensive care units, operating and isolation areas, as well as cleanrooms and blood banks. In all of these areas of the hospital, decontamination must be carried out after contamination has occurred, for whatever reason.

This process is also needed after maintenance tasks, and on a periodic basis in order to ensure that the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained. So how can healthcare providers ensure that decontamination is carried out to the best possible standards, without key areas being out of use for any longer than necessary?

As experts in a whole range of services to healthcare and research institutions, including biological decontamination and maintaining hospital ventilation systems, here Tecomak looks at important factors to consider.

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The Need for Safety
When seeking a hospital decontamination contractor, the top priority will be ensuring that the company you choose has the right expertise and can carry out decontamination to the standards you require. This is essential to ensure compliance with regulations governing the sector, removing any risks to patients' health, and safeguarding sensitive items being stored such as blood and tissue products.

Superbugs and hospital infections have been in the news lately and have underlined the importance of all hospitals and healthcare facilities having stringent standards of cleanliness, with regular deep cleans. To protect patients, staff and visitors, you will be looking for a state-of-the-art process which gives the best possible results.

Another safety consideration is to try to avoid using harsh chemicals which have the potential to endanger the health of personnel, leaving residues which must disperse before staff are allowed back into the area.

The Need for Speed
At the same time as ensuring that bio decontamination is carried out to the highest standards, it's also vital that it is completed as quickly as possible. All hospitals and clinics need to keep key healthcare facilities in use and minimise any downtime. Many of today's hospitals constantly operate at a very high level of occupancy, which makes this factor even more critical now than in the past. Keeping down the time needed also saves money, at a time when healthcare facilities are coming under financial pressure.

If your contractor utilises methods of decontamination using toxic or corrosive chemicals, in addition to safety concerns, this can lead to a longer period of downtime than the time needed to carry out the process itself. One reason for this is that some equipment, including sensitive electronic apparatus and soft furnishings, will have to be moved out of the room and may need to be decontaminated separately.

Another drawback with some methods, such as VHP decontamination, is that the room has to be prepared in advance, which may take some hours. As well as the preparation time, there is also the need to keep the area out of use for some time after the completion of the process.

Tecomak's Decontamination Service
Fortunately, there is no need to decide between bio decontamination services which give effective results and those which can be carried out safely and quickly. Tecomak's ionised hydrogen peroxide (iHP) bio decontamination uses the latest technology and is highly efficient, giving a six log (10-6) reduction of fungi, viruses and spores. Yet it also fully answers the requirements for both safety and speed.

In terms of safety, as one of the most environmentally friendly decontaminants available, iHP is non-corrosive and does not create noxious fumes. Once the process is completed, it speedily resolves into non-toxic residues of oxygen and water, presenting no danger to people. It also does not harm equipment or furnishings.

This method of decontamination is much faster to carry out than alternatives, destroying viruses and bacteria in a matter of seconds. There is also no need to spend a lot of time preparing the area in advance and, because of its safety, staff can go back in quickly after decontamination.

As well as hospital decontamination, Tecomak offers a range of other services to the healthcare and research sectors, including specialist maintenance and verification of critical ventilation systems to ensure HTM compliance. We can also supply and install specialist products such as microbiological safety cabinets, including the S@feMate ECO and S@feFlow ranges, and S@feGrow CO2 incubators. Tecomak engineers all have specific training and approval to work within the NHS as well as being CRB checked.

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